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Experience the wonder of the Bible with Compton's Interactive Bible - New International Version. Whether you are studying the Bible or just exploring it, you can instantly access the resources you need. Easily search the complete Bible text and Concordance, retrace events on the biblical Timeline, reflect on inspirational commentary, and more. Even watch the Bible come to life with hundreds of paintings, photographs, videos, and music clips.

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    Sam Murray 6 months ago

    I have an older version of Compton's Interactive Bible that came with a 32-bit disc (Version 1.0). However, since updating my computer, I require a 64-bit version of the disc in order to install or run the software. My query is : are you able to replace my disc with a 64-bit version? If so, how do I go about getting a copy?

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      andy howell 3 months ago

      When you find out how to do it let me know.


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